Why your business should employ an apprentice

Apprenticeships are quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for young people in a number of industries.

Not only are apprenticeships ideal for the younger generations, they can also be beneficial to the businesses themselves. Apprenticeships mean employers can train new and existing employees together, helping to create a loyal workforce and fill any skill gaps with specialised training.

Most apprentices will be aged under 25, with many of them opting to start an apprenticeship straight after they have completed their GCSE's or A-Levels. With young staff comes the chance to shape the employees into exactly what the business needs, helping them to succeed and climb. This can mean the company has employees who know every aspect of the business.

Engagement levels of employees tend to decrease over the length of employment. Employing apprentices within a business can help to increase morale and optimism amongst other employees, as it gives out the message that the company are willing to invest and develop the workforce. In turn, this means existing employees can feel hopeful regarding their own future prospects within the company.

Many employers face the worry that hiring apprentices will affect the workplaces productivity. After all, an apprentice is someone who learns whilst working, and will therefore need continuous help from the existing employees around them. A study taken by The Commission on Apprenticeships suggests that up to 72% of businesses that have hired an apprentice felt that productivity had improved.

The UK is facing a shortage of jobs for young people. Many industries, however, are facing a shortage of people with the skills required. Skill gaps are highly likely to arise in large companies; employing apprentices means employers can guarantee the business is creating a workforce with the skills required. Targeting certain skills means businesses are able to target company growth and development.

Apprentices are an investment for companies. Many businesses will find that it is more cost effective for them to hire and train and apprentice than it is to hire skilled staff.

At S&B Automotive Academy, we are the leading provider of automotive apprenticeships since 1970. We offer training in the complete range of automotive disciplines including heavy vehicles, bus, coach, light vehicle, parts, body repair, paint and auto-electrical.

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