What is an IRTEC licence and do I need one?

IRTEC is a renewable and voluntary accreditation scheme that assesses the safety and competence of technicians working in the maintenance and repair of vehicles in commercial, trailer and passenger carrying industries.

Technicians and mechanics can add to their qualifications and demonstrate their skills and knowledge are up to date with an IRTEC licence. They are able to prove a commitment to safety and demonstrate professional development- for both the technician themselves and their employer.

The IRTEC test assesses technicians on their theoretical and practical vehicle repair and maintenance skills. If successful, the technician will be awarded an IRTEC licence. The licence certifies the individual technician, rather than the employer, and can be used to show a common standard of skills from one company to the next.

There are four levels of IRTEC licences, which depend on the technician’s skills, experience and road transport industry sector. Once an IRTEC licence has been issued, the technician is listed on a national register and is bound by a code of conduct.

The code of conduct means all technicians with an IRTEC licence should uphold the reputation of the profession in applying the specialist discipline of the maintenance, repair and inspection of road transport vehicles and their related engineering activities.

All IRTEC licences are valid for five years. After five years, the licence holder must undergo a reassessment for renewal.

How to become IRTEC accredited

To get an IRTEC licence, you must pass a series of assessments and a knowledge test at an IRTEC-approved centre.

  • Technicians must be able to prove their experience of working in the sector of the industry. The length of experience required depends on the level of IRTEC taken
  • Technicians must successful complete all IRTEC assessments with twelve months from their first assessment date
  • Technicians must read and agree to abide by the IRTEC code of conduct on the assessment day, where they will have their photo taken for an ID card issues to successful candidates
  • Once the accreditation has been achieved, the technician’s details are entered onto the IRTEC website register of accredited technicians
  • Technicians will need to be re-assessed every five years in order to maintain their accreditation

An IRTEC licence is something of great importance to all technicians. Those without it may find it difficult to prove their current competence against assured standards.

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