What to Expect from the Automotive Industry

As with every year, technology seems to be advanced extremely quickly. The automotive industry is heavily technologically driven, and there’s a lot to expect from it in 2018. We’ve put together some up and coming, exciting advancements you should look out for this year and beyond.

Fully Autonomous Cars

Across the globe, Level 1 autonomous driving is already present in many cars. However, some manufacturers have reached Level 3 autonomous driving. In 2018, the industry hopes to make it to Level 5. Fully autonomous taxis are scheduled for release in 2019, and everyday brands like Tesla are running on Level 2 automation. Automation is likely to become much more accessible to original equipment manufacturers in the coming years.

Driver Override Systems

Driver override systems and autonomous cars go hand in hand. A car with a driver override system will actively disregard the driver’s commands make its own decisions if it needs to. There are already a variety of vehicles that will stop for you if you fail to hit the brakes, but technological advancements could see cars that will apply brakes for you even if your foot is on the accelerator.

A Change in Vehicle Access

Remember when cars had to be opened, locked and started with a turn of a key? This changed to keyless entry and start and then to no need for key or fob to gain entry or start. Advancements mean that drivers will soon be able to start their vehicles using only their fingerprint, in similar technology to unlocking our phones.

Whilst there’s so much more to expect from the automotive industry in the upcoming years, these are some of the things we’re most looking forward to.

The huge technological advancements in the automotive industry means we can expect a number of our apprenticeships to advance with them. If you’re interested in an apprenticeship with S&B Automotive Academy, we can help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team by calling 0117 953 3001 or via our contact page.