What do I do after my
Apprenticeship has Ended?

If you’ve recently finished your apprenticeship, you may be wondering what the next step of your career is. It can be a daunting time, though it’s important to understand there are plenty of great options available to suit individuals. Having completed an apprenticeship will mean you have a whole host of practical, on-the-job skills and experience that can be used within your future. Most employers who hire an apprentice will take them on permanently as an employee after their apprenticeship has come to an end.

Find out your Options

Take some time to research your options for after your apprenticeship has come to an end. Researching will allow you to make an informed, sensible and vital decision when the time comes. Making an appointment with a careers advisor or talking to a local job centre is a great way of figuring out what jobs are suited to you and your experience. Your current employer is also someone who can help; there could be open vacancies within the company!

Stick with your current employer

Opting for any vacancies with your current employer can be extremely advantageous; you’ll be amongst friends you have made, are well-known amongst other employees and will already have knowledge of average working days and what is expected. Not all companies who employ apprentices can offer a permanent position at the end, so it’s vital to find out whether any are available to you. Arm yourself with some reasons why you’d be the perfect choice.

Go Elsewhere

Leaving your apprenticeship employer and finding a new job elsewhere can be daunting and nerve-wracking. If your current employer is unable to offer you a personal position, ask if they know any similar businesses with roles available. Ask your employer if they are willing to give you a reference, as this will massively help with your job search. Ensure your CV is up-to-date with your latest apprenticeship qualifications and brush up on your interview skills.

Prolong your Education

If you’re unsure about obtaining a full-time job, it may be reassuring to know that many people opt for further education after they have completed their apprenticeship. Many go on to obtain a HND or degree in the subject of their choice. Have a chat with your college about the different educational options that are available to you.

Whilst the end of an apprenticeships signifies the start of a lifelong career, there are many fun and exciting options available. Ensuring you research and find all the necessary information will ensure you make a well-informed decision that will ultimately impact your future.

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