How to Narrow down your Apprenticeship Choices

Apprenticeships are the ideal way to further your education. With so many industries offering apprenticeships, you may be finding it difficult to narrow down your choices. It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make regarding your future and can help to propel you into a fantastic career.

You should firstly understand what an apprenticeship involves and why it would be good for your career path. Think about all the different career paths you could take, and whether an apprenticeship would be right over a degree or full-time work. As an apprentice, you will be an employee, so you should decide whether you can balance the demands of full-time work and study.

Is there an industry you have in mind for a career? If yes, you should research the industries apprenticeships further. There are multiple educational websites available to help you on your search, like UCAS and National Careers. Ensure you look at the entry requirements; you’ll be able to see if obtaining an apprenticeship qualification is a good way to get into your chosen industry.

If you’re certain you want to pursue an apprenticeship scheme, you should start your search by looking at the current vacancies in the industry of your choice. Why not contact a training provider or employer directly? You’ll be able to ask them if they think you’re suitable and begin to build a rapport with them directly.

Once you’ve decided on the roles you think you could thrive in, you should apply. There are often no fixed deadlines for apprenticeships, so keeping your eye out is your best bet; different vacancies are likely to pop up at any time throughout the year. All apprenticeship schemes vary, but the job vacancy will tell you exactly how to apply. You should ensure you’re available on the start date, especially if you are still in secondary school.

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