Apprenticeships Vs. University- How do I know what’s right for me?

If you’re finishing school at the end of this year and are trying to decide what to do after you’ve finished, we understand that it is a huge decision.

The debate between apprenticeships and university degrees is long-running, and there is no solid answer. Higher education continues to remain a popular option for young people, despite the rise in tuition fees. However, as apprenticeships are considered an equal alternative, many young people are opting to earn whilst they learn and enrol themselves on apprenticeships ranging from foundation degree right up to Masters.

There are benefits to both options, which can be summarised below:

University- has a very large range of courses available meaning you’ll be able to study something you are passionate in. Degrees will leave your career more open-ended in terms of future opportunities, as many job roles simply require a degree. University will allow you to obtain a range of soft skills, which can be used in any job role moving forward.

Apprenticeship- allows students the chance to gain on-the-job experience which is often extremely valuable to potential employers. Apprentices are considered employees, and will therefore earn a wage just like any other worker. Apprenticeships do not cost to take part in and therefore students will be exempt from any tuition fees after the apprenticeship has finished.

Whether you opt for an apprenticeship or university degree, it’s important to understand that both methods of study are highly regarded by employers. Going to university will show you have a depth of knowledge and transferrable skills, but doing an apprenticeship will show you have practical skills and real-life work experience.

More and more businesses are coming forward offering apprenticeship schemes, particularly as employers are now viewing this method of training as an ideal alternative to a degree. If you have ambitions to work for a certain company, you may find it helpful to find out what they look for in their employees and what they value most out of qualifications or experience. Why not get in touch and ask if they are offering any apprenticeship schemes?

It is a tough decision to make and one option isn’t necessarily better than the other. Look at your current situation- what qualifications do you already hold? What would you like to study? How are your current finances? What would you like to do in the future? These questions can help you to choose the best option for you. You may decide to undertake a one-year apprenticeship and go to university later in life or do the opposite. However, if you opt for university and then an apprenticeship, you may not be entitled to the same level of apprenticeship funding.

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