5 Reasons to Employ an Automotive Apprentice

If you are an employer, you’re likely to have considered hiring an apprentice in your firm. Apprentices are increasingly being seen as a dynamic addition to recruitment companies and both small and large firms are hiring them.

Many young and talented individuals are also viewing apprenticeships as a great alternative to university, meaning the level of skills available is increasing. We’ve put together our top five reasons to employ an automotive apprentice in your company.

Funded & Affordable

Hiring an apprentice is not expensive, because the government funds the majority of the costs. Sometimes, they will fund all the training involved, depending on the age of the individual you hire. This means you will have the potential of a talented, young employee in your company and will also be keeping costs down, too.

Recruitment made Easy

Apprenticeships make the recruitment and training process simple. Recruitment and training can take up a lot of vital time, but apprentices will have a training provider. Apprentices will learn on the job whilst also having to go to college every so often. Here, their training provider will give them structured training that is relevant to the industry.

Apprentice training is structured, which allows them to work more effectively in your business. Existing staff are also able to work on other projects with the additional help from apprentices.

Get the Best Talent

Young people who opt to take part in an apprenticeship scheme often do so because they are looking for a university alternative. This means you can choose from some of the countries best young talent. Apprentices are likely to have had previous full-time jobs, so they won’t have developed work habits from another company, meaning they can be trained to suit the needs of your company.

Many companies choose to employ their recruits upon completion of the apprenticeship. This stops the need for future recruitment and staff are aware of what is required of them.

It’s Ethical

Offering apprenticeship schemes in your business is ethical, because you will be doing your bit to combat youth unemployment and will also be helping to create a skilled workforce. Recent research has found that consumers who discover you employ apprentices will favour your company over those who do not.

New Dynamics

Apprentices earn money whilst receiving hands-on training in the workplace, making them very keen to learn and succeed. They can offer innovative ideas and new and exciting solutions to problems in your company. When young people are employed in the business, your existing workforce can feel energised and morale is boosted, thus increasing productivity.

At S&B, we have been providing work-based learning in automotive courses since 1970. We offer training in the complete range of automotive disciplines including heavy vehicle, bus and coach, light vehicle and more.

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