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How to Prepare

S&B Automotive Academy offers a range of online and 14-16 (age) courses aimed at those who are not ready for an apprenticeship or traineeship but would like to improve their practical skills before entering the work place and to boost their confidence. 

To gear yourself up to the world of work, you must first prepare the necessities!

Covering Letter & CV

The covering letter and CV is the total package selling you to the employer. They are going to be reading your covering letter before your CV so it's important it makes a big impact. Covering letters which create a good first impression are well constructed and don't contain any spelling or grammar mistakes and supports what you are saying in your CV.

For a step-by-step guide to writing a better letter.

There are many formats and programmes to create a CV but it must scream you. A CV must stand out. Why not print it out on coloured paper? Why should it be on paper? Your CV needs to stand out against all the other applicants who have applied. 

For tips and tricks on creating a CV

Personality boosts job applications

Your Portfolio

Along with your covering letter & CV, it's nice to showcase your achievements! 

Create a small portfolio which is a snap shot of you and your achievements. This can include

  • Certificates (GCSE's, Key/Functional Skills, BTEC/other)
  • References (work experience, school etc)
  • Achievements of hobbies/interests

Preparing for an Interview

It's normal (and good) to feel nervous for an interview - it shows you really want to aim high! There are many things you can do to prepare for an interview.

  • Have you checked how long it will take to arrive? Nothing worse than starting on the wrong foot by being late!
  • Have you researched the company/role you are applying for?
  • Be prepared; research what the interviewer may ask you. Be on the ball.
  • Prepare questions for the interviewer, be engaging.
  • Make sure you choose your outfit (smart!) the night before.

More tips and tricks

Prepare for an interview, the whole package!

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